Media Reviews: Head Butler Review

By Jesse Kornbluth


The Climate War: True Believers, Power Brokers, and the Fight to Save the Earth, by Eric Pooley, [is] written as a political thriller. Here we meet a small army of idealists who labor mightily to draft and pass environmental legislation. They are brilliant, inventive and inspiring.
I’ve worked with Eric Pooley. He’s a great choice for a book like this; I can see him in the portrait of men and women he admires. And, to his credit, he’s fair to the people on the other side of the issue — indeed, as is often the case, the “villains” are more interesting.

But the good guys are up against an adversary so well-funded that it’s hard to understand why they persevere. And the legislative process — unreal! I knew it’s hard to draft a bill and move it through committees and have it emerge as a problem-solver, but I never quite grasped how… political the process is. From here, it looks as if you fight for a yard, lose a yard. And yet these eco-warriors keep at it. After 441 pages, I wanted to weep for them.

Still, I’m glad they keep at it. The fix may be in, the denial campaign may have made most of us passive, uncaring victims. But at the very least, the bastards need to know we’re on to them.